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Track Listing:

Under the Mask of Happiness - Len Mooney

Black Honey - Neal Casal

Pourin’ It All Out - Bill Kelly & The House of Cards

Stupefaction - The Health & Happiness Show

Passion Is No Ordinary Word - The Figgs

New York Shuffle - Sawney Bean

Get Started, Start a Fire - Black Jellybean

The Kid with the Butterfly Net - Kings In Disguise

Thunder & Rain - Bob Perry

Watch the Moon Come Down - Stephanie Sayers

Mr. Tender - Samuel St. Thomas

Don’t Ask Me Questions - The Secret Admirers

You Can’t Be Too Strong - 22 Brides

Fool’s Gold - Jon Tiven’s Ego Trip

Local Girls - Dinizio, Lucas, & Black

I’m Just Your Man - Jack Tannehill & S.D.R.

Long Stem Rose - The Rees Shad Band

That’s What They All Say - Pat Dinizio

Back To School Days - Angelli & Rave

Crawling from the Wreckage - The Marys

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Piss & Vinegar: The Songs of Graham Parker was originally released by BUY OR DIE in 1996. Now back in print, with new notes by Graham Parker and original producer Jerry Balderson, this tribute album features unique performances by The Figgs, Pat Dinizio, Frank Black, Jon Tiven, and many others.

“I've always found it flattering when someone actually bothers to learn one of my tunes, whether it's a bloke playing in a bar with no one paying attention or Rod Stewart recording one on an album.  You mean someone actually sat down and learned the chords and punched replay a dozen times in order to figure out the poorly enunciated third verse?  At least they did before you could find the lyrics instantly on the internet, which is when this record was made.  That always strikes me as something quite special, and when someone, in this case, Jerry Balderson, insists that he will in fact gather a large amount of disparate acts and get them to learn a whole lot of my tunes and record them, spending considerable money in the process no doubt, then, sir, I tip my hat!

I'm glad it's seeing the light of day again and well done and thanks to everybody involved.”    -- GP

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