Ground Breaking Compact Discs



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Originally a cassette-only release back in 1984, this is the self-titled first album by the semi-legendary Visionaries. Now, after more than 20 years, it is finally being re-released in a limited edition on CD for the very first time. The few who have heard this album have long ago worn out the fragile tape, and for those who have never heard it, here it is in a newly remastered version for a limited time only at a very special price.

Not much is known about The Visionaries; they don't seem to have played any live concerts and perhaps only existed in a recording studio somewhere. It's also quite possible that they only existed as a figment of someone's fevered imagination. Who knows? All we know is that this is their first album, after which they released one more cassette-only album (which is also available for sale on this site) and then disappeared from the face of the Earth. Get it while you can!

Track Listing:

1. Stop Your Blinking

2. Peace Rally

3. You Make Me Sick

4. Acting Like a Slob

5. Two Armed Bandit

  1. 6.Gravity

  2. 7.Gods

  3. 8.Special Man

  4. 9.Let’s Kill Rock and Roll

  5. 10. Civil Service

  6. 11.Brown Zone

  7. 12. Edgeless Sun

  8. 13.Never Get a Clue

  9. 14.Trouble In The Troops

Price is $5.00 plus postage and handling.

Also available in MP3 format.